Bryant And Dupree Showing Promise For Steelers Future


Aug 2015

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Steelers Martavis Bryant

So far this pre-season, we have seen the Steelers team play quite well, despite their loss during the HoF game. However, there are two players that have stood out, whether they are already amazing players or will be dangerous on the field after their rookie season. We are talking about WR Martavis Bryant and rookie LB Bud Dupree.

Bryant did an amazing job during their game against the Jaguars, which is why he was given a B-Plus grade by Bucky Brook at He came extremely close to the A range, but what he lacked to reach that grade was minimal.

He is on his second year, and already being a key player on the offense, especially when going deep; as shown by his 44-yard catch to run 80-yards and get the touchdown. His speed is what sets him apart from others, even on the same team, but they should not use him for every play, but rather important plays that require speed and depth.

Dupree on the other hand is progressing as many would expect, just not what everyone had hoped for with a first round draft pick. Many believed he would be a starter in his rookie year, but he is still raw. This doesn’t mean that his skills and talent are great, but they still need to be fine tuned for the professional level.

This is why it is important to note that he is progressing toward that goal slowly, which is not a negative aspect. It seems that Dupree has become the Steelers project, and will prove fruitful not this season, but in seasons to come. Both of these players have amazing ability, and will be great assets to the team for years to come.